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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is GAC immigration service fee?

There are numbers of programs that Citizenship and immigration Canada offers. Each Immigration program’s application is different therefore GAC fee varies from application to application.


What is included in the fee of GAC services?

Assessing Canadian immigration eligibility, advice, file preparations, corrections, file submissions with representations into Citizenship and immigration Canada, provincial government and related Canadian embassies abroad and follow-ups with clients and related governments authorities.


How do I obtain GAC services?

After assessing your immigration eligibility, if you qualify, you may wish to retain GAC services by signing up its retainer agreement.


Does GAC guarantee my immigration to Canada?

The outcome of your immigration application is sole decision of Citizenship and immigration Canada and its related governing authorities.


Can GAC service fee be paid in installments?

Yes! Please talk to us before signing the retainer agreement.


What is GAC refund policy?

For any reason if you decided to dis-continue immigration application process, refund will be provided according to GAC signed retainer agreement


Can I pay GAC services fee upon the visa approval?

Please read GAC Payment terms and conditions in our retainer service agreement before signing.


To determining immigration eligibility criteria does GAC charge any fee?

GAC online Canadian immigration eligibility evaluation services are absolutely FREE!


Does GAC provide legal telephonic Canadian immigration consultations?  If yes, how much do they cost?

Yes! GAC has experienced and knowledgeable Licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to provide personalize legal consultations to people in office and via telephone. GAC general immigration each consultations session fee is $99 and business immigration $150CAN.


During immigration application process, I have new born baby, can new born baby will added to the same application or have do I have to re-apply for immigration all over again?

During your immigration application if a baby is born or if you were single and got married, person can be added to the same application.


Which family members can be included in my Canadian immigration application?

Applicant’s spouse / common law partner, children and dependent children can immigrate to Canada with you.


Do all immigration applications require a criminal record checks and IELTS test?

Yes! Criminal record checks and IELTS test are required for all immigration applications.


Is GAC is a government agency?

No! GAC is a Canadian owned and operated private incorporation.


How secure is my personal information with GAC?

All information we collect is strictly used for assessing your Canadian immigration eligibility and application process. GAC does not sell your personal information to any third parties whatsoever.


Does GAC help in obtaining RCMP certified criminal record checks from outside of Canada?

Yes! Please visit GAC screening website at  to obtain a RCMP certified criminal record checks.

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